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Why do agricultural machinery like to use changfa diesel engine

Why do agricultural machinery like to use changfa diesel engine

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2021/08/30 16:22

Because agricultural machinery is a means of production, the main considerations are stability, economy, and environmental adaptability. Compared with gasoline engines, changfa diesel engine has these three advantages.


In terms of stability, changfa diesel engine mainly relies on fuel oil circuit, air intake system, and a small amount of electrical system (now electronic control engine is also less than gasoline engine). The stability is relatively high and the failure rate is low.

In terms of economy, the fuel consumption and price of changfa diesel engine are cheaper under the same power.

As far as environmental adaptability is concerned, to give the simplest example, gasoline cars are likely to catch fire, but Changfa diesel engines have no such concerns.

The performance characteristics of changfa diesel engine: low speed, high torque, low power.
The working mode of the changfa diesel engine is compression ignition (without spark plug), which uses the powerful pressure in the cylinder to burn diesel.
The difference between a changfa diesel engine and a gasoline engine is that the ignition method is different. The gasoline is ignited by a spark plug with high-voltage current.

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